Chef Kevin Blakeman has worked at some superb and very interesting establishments. From being one of the lucky few to be trained in the UK as part of the Chef’s Associations specialized chefs course he moved on to four years working at the Houses of Parliament cooking for the Prime Minister and The Queen to name a few. After becoming a head chef at the age of only 21 he finally found his way to New Zealand with his kiwi partner. His Auckland C.V includes Allely House, Auckland’s Waitakere Estate where he transformed the kitchen and more recently Coco’s Cantina which unfortunately he had to leave after breaking his leg after only 6 weeks. After recovering he made Como Street Café the first palm oil free eatery in NZ before moving on to become Executive Chef at Mercure Auckland until August 2016.


At Mercure Chef he overhauled the dining from a typical hotel restaurant to an exceptional bar, conference and restaurant experience. It's an exciting time for the hotel as there are renovations from top to bottom so by mid-2017 it will be a completely new hotel.

In 2015 Chef created a Gallipoli tribute dessert to mark the centenary of the battle with profits going to the RNZRSA.



Chef Kevin Blakeman also makes many public appearances and cooking demonstrations like the coffee and chocolate show and recently appeared on Good Morning, he also films promotional videos for food companies. The difference being the companies he works for doesn't simply pay Kevin to make the video, he actually believes in them. Airbourne Honey being the great example and you can see that in the video.


Chef is an active supporter of being palm oil free, all of the recipes on this website are palm oil free, he is palm oil free at home and the bar/room and restaurant menus at Mercure were also all palm oil free. Chef Kevin is also a private in home chef and these menus are all palm oil free as well.


One of his biggest passions is the very successful in-home dining, each menu is tailored for each client, and he comes, cooks, serves and even leaves the kitchen cleaner than when he found it!


Kevin has won multiple awards including being a four time winner of the Beef and Lamb Excellence awards.


Chef Kevin is currently a member of the New Zealand Guild of Food Writers.


Kevin has lots of experience in food styling, menu and recipe development, catering, private dining and now the very popular cooking classes which can all be found on this website.


Please don’t hesitate to ask if there is anything he can be of assistance with.


Advertising and sponsorship

If you would like advertising on the page please contact me for an open discussion. Alternatively if you would like to sponsor Chef Kevin Blakeman you will get active support through the website and social media. All pricing on request.


Giveaways and product reviews

If you feel your product fits with the Chef Kevin Blakeman philosophy and would like a review or a Producer to Plate interview please do not hesitate to ask. This includes if you would like to be part of the new WINWIN page to promote your product. These reviews would be a permanent fixture on the website as well as receiving social media coverage.


Recipe Development, Food Photography and Food Styling

If you require recipes for your brand/product/establishment from a well-travelled and experienced chef then please get in touch and we can talk about your needs.


Food photography and styling

As you could see from the majority of the site we have high quality photography that could suit your brand/product, (NB some pics on the website are taken with a camera phone, disregard these images as this would not be the method for your product) please let me know if there is anything I can do to help create those perfect images for your product or website.

You could even opt for the video option which would include using your product in a filmed demonstration.

I also have a link to a video production company should you have more technical needs.